Joe’s story

A client presented to us in distress having recently lost his job due to his recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease having worked all his life in the buildings. He had been living off his savings to survive and he did not want to claim benefits as he was too proud.

BIAS helped him to realise that he was entitled to support ensuring that he had benefits to help him live day to day. Because of the seriousness of his illness BIAS also applied for Personal Independence Payment. BIAS was also successful in achieving 50% off his annual water bill, free travel pass and a full reduction in his Council Tax bill due to ill health.

Our main priority was ensuring the client was more financially stable and accessing his correct entitlements. BIAS also looked at ensuring that his health and wellbeing was improved over time and referred him to counselling for bereavement of his partner and to help deal with the life changing illness that now affects him.  BIAS is also trying to encourage the client to get out and about via other BIAS services.

BIAS ensures that clients are met with a friendly face and someone who is empathetic to their situation and professional. We provide information in a culturally-specific manner and we work closely with local organisations to bridge the link between our clients and services they may be fearful of attending.